Quarantaine season

Published on 25 April 2020 at 13:08

Hello friends, We’re living in strange times, but I still hope y’all are doing well and hanging in there.

One thing is certain and that is we are all in this together, you are not alone.

I have seen many posts on Facebook and Instagram and I’ve noticed that some of y’all have become very creative in this quarantine season. And some of y’all are finding your hidden talents. Thumbs up for the parents that are homeschooling and workers that are working from home. The pastors that are figuring out new ways to enhance the Kingdom of God. And of course we can’t forget those that are saving lives and taking care of those that need care. I see you! I guess we are all doing what we can to stay on track.


My family and I are trying to hold things together as well. I must say things aren’t easy!

As I announced in February, I was pregnant and now our family went from 4 members to 5. Yes, I gave birth to our son Jordan Xavier ‘t Zand. I thank God he was born healthy and handsome, hello!

Three weeks after my son Jordan was born our country (The Netherlands) announced a lock down. Thank God a few friends and family members were able to see him before the lock down. No need for window visits.

While trying to adjust to our expansion as a family everything changed! Now we’re homeschooling, bible study teachers, nursing, working- parent (just to name a few).

Try doing all the above combined with sleepless nights and tantrums. You can understand that I’ve been doing a whole lot of praying this season, Hahaha!

But to be honest I’m proud of my family, they have been handeling this new situation far better than I imagined. My daughter who is 7 years misses school and her friends, but she understands that we need to stay home to stay safe. Then there is my 4 year old son who is just living his best life right now and thinks staying home is the best thing that ever happened to him. Aaaah cute? This boy received a double portion of energy from God and demands we all give him our undivided attention. But at the end of the day l am glad he is happy. He usually ends the day by letting me know “ today was a fun day” (or not).

Kids will be kids!

Things can be very overwhelming right now. At the end of everyday I feel exhausted! Too exhausted to do anything else than lay on my bed. I have so many mood swings a day that I end my nights with asking God for forgiveness. Let’s just say the pregnancy hormones have not yet left the building, okay? I’m so blessed with my husband, we are a quaranTEAM and he has been a great shoulder to lean on.


If you’re wondering how I’m trying to hold things together and not loose it, here it is: I’m holding onto my faith as I always do. I know without a shadow of a doubt Jesus is in the storm with us and He will see us through. I hold on to a lot of scriptures which I have written down and meditate on. I choose to remain prayerful, now more than ever! Jesus is my anker.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but I do know that I will not drown because this is not the first crisis I have ever faced. Jesus has brought me through it all and that my friend makes me more than a conqueror.


Let’s encourage each other during this season. This too shall pass.

Stay safe fam, as I pray for the world I’m praying for you as well.


Much love,


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