I'ts been a minute

Published on 21 June 2019 at 15:22

Whats up friends,

I hope you’ll are doing great and living your best life? Or at least working towards it..?

It’s been a minute. I won’t lie, it’s quite a challenge to be a consistent blogger while joggling my other responsibilities. I know consistency is the key to success so I’ making a step in getting back on track.
In saying that, I wasn’t up to nothing though. Other than taking care of my family and working, spending time with friends and loved ones,  I have also been working out a new ministry in my church called the Care Group. It’s been a life changing experience thus far and I love what God is doing in the lives of many women. 
The Care Group is a place where all types of women gather together to deal with  real life issues we normally do not talk about. We’ve dealt with subjects as: loneliness, abuse and the conduct of a wife. We have so many women in church who feel like they're alone, but every time we came together we realized that is absolutely not true. We have more in common than we know. I just love the way we shared our experiences, how we cried and laughed together, how we ate and prayed together. Our bond as sisters keeps on growing.
From the outside church folks look perfect and put together, yet we all have flaws and we all have a past. Our flaws makes us realize how much we need Jesus and our past keeps us grateful for our salvation. Can I get a thank you Jesus!🏾


I have much more to share with you but for now I just wanted to pass by and say hi and also let ya'll know I'm still alive and blogging!
Love to hear how you're doing and maybe share what you are grateful for!

Greetings and hugs from me

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