Published on 14 June 2018 at 14:41

You do not appreciate a warm atmosphere until you've been through a cold one!
My husband and I took the kids on a vacation. We rented a house on a park where they had a lot of facilities for children. We were so excited when we arrived. The house look good and it felt wam. The warmth came from the fire place. It was working alright. So after our day out and playing with the kids we decided it was enough, time for a shower followed by sleep! The moment we entered the house we noticed a change in the atmosphere.

It was cold in the house! I mean cold!! And the fireplace wouldn't go on anymore. No need to call anyone cause the reception was closed. Men! So we took hot baths and put on almost all the clothes I packed for the entire vacation. That night was awful. I normally wake up excited for the day but this time my husband woke up with a grumpy wife. I felt as if I woke up in the Ice Age movie and somehow Cruella was in it!

My daughter was complaining, my son was shaky, I was acting up and my husband was the only stable factor who tried to bring back the positive vibes in the house, love his attempt but it didn't work! We eventually went to the indoor playground and guess what? My husband asked it they could switch on the heather, cause hey nobody wants a cold wife. And to top it up he got me some warm chocolate with whipped cream. After a few minutes I felt I was slowly becoming myself again. Later on we went to the receptionist to ask if she could check our fireplace. And she did. Finally the problem was solved and the room became warm, matter of fact hot! So hot my son asked if he could take his shirt of. But it didn't matter! Happiness was back in the room and I was the loveliest mom/wife again.

Atmosphere ...
According to the Cambridge dictionary, atmosphere is: the character, feeling or mood of a place or situation.
Have you ever been in a place where the atmosphere just wasn't pleasant? You can choose to adapt to that atmosphere or you can be an atmosphere changer!
Adapting means you accept the atmosphere in the room and you just go along with it. If there's a positive atmosphere than adapting to it is great but if it's negative why would you? I would either walk away or change the vibe. An atmosphere changer is one who refuses to accept the negative vibe in the room, pauses to observe what is happening in there, than takes action to bring the positivity (back) in the room. Will it always work? Nope! But if you are like me you would rather give it a try than adapt to a cold, angry or awkward atmosphere. 

How about you parents? What are you doing to make your house warm and cozy. Maybe the change you are longing for in your house is not a change of interior but a change of atmosphere (sipping my tea).
Think about it, atmosphere is everything! No matter where you go you will get confronted with it, the problem is not many of us are aware of the impact it has on us. You just deliberately observe the atmosphere the next time you enter your house, workplace, Church building or any other room and watch what the atmosphere does to you. And if you have the ability to change it I encourage you to do just that, cause you can be an atmosphere changer if you choose to!

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5 years ago

Great topic. No one wants a cold, awkward or negative atmosphere in a room or house. What you said is right, trying to be an atmosphere changer wouldn't always have succes. I've noticed that I'm sensitive to negative or positive atmospheres or vibes I'm feeling in a house or room. I will first ask myself is it me then if I get a no then I do my best to lighten up the room with jokes or showing concern. I use to allow that negative vibe to affect me and I'll become upset, frustrated, sad, until I too become and begin to give out negative vibes and spoil the atmosphere of the room. No more! My health and well being is more important to me.

Samira 't Zand
5 years ago

@Eugenie, Yup! I do that also, I come up with jokes only to find out that in certain places they just don't work! LOL. Anyhow, you're so right try not to allow the negativity to make you compromise who you are and what you stand for