A trip to the USA

Published on 23 March 2018 at 11:22

Hey ya'll,

I'm back! I haven't been able to write much due to my trip to the USA. My church, Victory Outreach was hosting a women's convention in Ontario and I flew all the way from Holland just to be there. There were women from all over the world attending the women's convention. Women from Australia, South Africa, England, Cuba, Hawaii, just to name a few. The convention was life changing. I mean really life changing! Every speaker was on point and the messages where so inspirational, encouraging and awakening!

Prior to my journey there was a battle going on in my mind. I had like four excuses why not to go : my finances, my job, my exams and my family. I mean, my excuses sound legit right? Those are important areas in my life so I wanted everything well put before leaving. And you know what? When God cleared all my excuses I had no other option than to admit that I needed to be at the women's convention! I was so convinced that God wanted me there!
When the day for me to leave finally arrived , I started to second guess myself. I don't know why but I felt like I was a bad mother leaving my small kids behind even though I knew for sure that daddy and grandma would take great care of them like they always do. This feeling became stronger when the plane was ready for takeoff, but I decided to reject it and I told myself I'm actually not a bad mom but a good one. I am setting an example for my kids to follow their God giving calling. Guess what? The feeling turned into excitement! I did it! I took a leap into the unknown. In life, you either take risks and learn new things or you play safe and stay in bed! Well, I'm tired of sleeping!
I needed a change and I went for it. Thank God for the loving people around me that see greater things in me than I see in myself. For those that are wondering why I was so dramatic about traveling: I hadn't traveled that far and alone before. Plus I have a hard time saying goodbye because I've said a few goodbyes to loved ones and it turned out to be a final goodbye.

Anyway enough with the sad story, I had an amazing time with amazing people (family) and delicious food! Folks, I don't even have to weigh myself, the mirror says enough. I came back full! Full of passion and full of food. Don't worry I'll get rid of the weight but I won't get rid of this passion I´ve gained.
The core words I brought home with me are: fear not, God confidence, a passion for the hurting and remember who you are (no, it's not a Wakanda joke. For real).

During my stay I visited different places. I've been to Ontario California, Whittier, Chino, down town LA and passed through Tokyo town. I have tasted delicious foods such as: tacos, burritos, In and Out burger (animal style), chicken and rice, rice and stew, rice and Mexican beans, different kinds of cakes, chips and candy. I know what you're thinking ," no wonder she gained weight" and you know what's? That's exactly the reason, but I sure enjoyed every bite! You know what I didn't have? Starbucks! Hmmm next time. Yes next time, meaning I will go again for sure!

I wrote a blog about stepping into the unknown and that's exactly what I have been doing the past couple of months. There is life outside of my comfort zone and I choose to live. I believe my steps are ordered by the Lord but how would I experience anything He has for me and my family if we never take that step.
I thank God for this experience and I can't wait to find out what the next step will be.

A special shout out to my V.O International family who made my stay so wonderful and comfortable. God bless you and I love you!

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