Published on 31 January 2018 at 14:45

Scars. Everyone has them. The wound that just wouldn't go and even left a scar. Do you look at it occasionally? What are you reminded of when you look at yours? Are you the one wanting to get rid of it or have you just kind of accepted it? Allow me to give you a new perspective on scars.....

When I was a little girl I had an accident that involved boiled water. For some reason I took our water boiler and spilled it on my arm. That accident left me scarred for life! Every time I look at my arm, I'm reminded of what happened. Most people would consider surgery to get rid of such a big scar, but you know what? I've kinda fallen in love with it. I feel like a BOSS with my scar. I'm like Scarface, but I have it on my arm! WHAT!
My scar is a part of my history, my present and it will go with me into my future. I have never had the tendency to disguise it and when anybody ask me how I got it , I shamelessly let them know how I got my scar. Not only does my scar remind me of my past but it serves as a warning to not make the same mistake. And it even goes further than myself. Now that I have children I'm extra alert when they step into the kitchen. My daughter has seen my scar and I told her the story behind it. The girl is warned! And my girl knows not to go near hot water.

A scar is an indication that once upon a time something happened that caused a wound |.  This wasn't a scratch that healed by time. A wound doesn't heal by time, it heals due to good care. There you are after the wound is healed, left with a mark of remembrance even though you didn't ask for it.
There are some scars we have difficulties looking at, you know the scars of the past. The one that didn't leave by time, and now you carry it along with you year in and year out. The death of someone close, the abuse or rape, the domestic violence, the abandonment by family, friends whoever. I don't know the story behind your scar but today. I want to to give you a new perspective:

- Your scar is a reminder, it reminds you of the survivor you are! No matter how bad the situation was, you came out of it. You came out of that place where you were once stuck and didn't see your way out. That suffocating or hurtful environment. Whether you came out bitter or better, YOU CAME OUT! I salute you survivor.
- Your scar is a warning sign to be careful not to walk on the same pathway again. You know now to be careful of who you hang out with, the type of people you shouldn't date, not to leave you kids with everybody, not to send any type of sexual related pictures to whoever. Even though you didn't ask for it, you are now more aware of the world you live in and this world can be cruel!
- Your scar is a testimony! It may not happen overnight, but I hope that one day you will not be ashamed of where you came from and use that weapon that was once formed against you as a weapon to transform others. You are a source of inspiration. You are able to reach those that can not be reached by psychologists, doctors, social workers, and so on because people are looking for some one who understands their pain. No I'm not dissing anybody because I'm a social worker myself, but sometimes it's easier to relate with some one who's been there.

Now about the bitter and better. I have no problem with people that are bitter because of what they've been through, but it's hard to watch them stay bitter for the rest of their lives. There are different types of bitter people, I'll just give you three examples. You have the
1- "all men are dogs" women, who can not see past the man (men) that took advantage of them. They view men from the glasses of there past.
2- the "YOLO" crew, who live a reckless life caring less about what the future holds.
3- the "angry birds" who fight everyone around them, even those they love because they never learned how to deal with inward anger that leads to outbursts.

I got confronted with my scars when I became a Christian, then again when I got married and then again when I got my kids. It seems to pop up in different stages of my life. But when I look at my scars, I smile or let my tears of gratitude fall because I survived by the grace of God!
And whenever I get the chance I share my story just to let someone know that they can come out better! Because, at a certain point you need to choose to be better. | Better is not perfect, it means you're in a process to improve.| It means you are reclaiming your life, joy and peace.

Scars, we all have them. It may not be visible but it's there alright. Take a look at your scar, what do you see?