Put a pep in your step

Published on 10 January 2018 at 14:21

Ever had a dream or a vision you could see clearly and the more you visualize it the more detailed it became? Great ideas you've never given birth to?

I know for sure I'm not the only one who has had an idea to do something but never did and then suddenly found out that someone else has executed that idea.

You then say, "I had that same thing in mind" and everyone around you be like "you did huh". CR3poivUcAA6eTm.png

The difference between you and the one who did pursue the vision is: that person took the first step.
In order to accomplish anything you are forced to take a first step. Some people keep dreaming because they keep sleeping. 
I'm not here to talk down on anyone because I’m amongst most of you who know what it is to fear the unknown. I dread taking a step into something I have never done before let alone something that has never been done before. To be honest I can stay in the dreaming, thinking, calculating, and recalculating stage for so long that I eventually just give up on the whole thing. And guess what? I’m married to a man that chases his God given vision no matter what. My husband was born and raised in Surinam. He told me he learned to swim by being thrown into the pool and figuring it out! Now you do that to your girl and she would drown big time! I would be a swimming experiment gone wrong! I wouldn't have even taken the time to figure anything out. And if by any miraculous way I would have made it out of the pool alive, that instructor would have gone to see the Lord! (joke)

What's the difference between me and my husband? He sees fear as something to be conquered and I experience it as paralyzing. And you know what? It seems the older you get the less bold you become or is it just me? The older I get the more calculations I make. I will be thinking of my children, my time, my finances, the impact it would have on my ministries and relationships. 

To be able to change something you need to acknowledge the problem, therefore I'm very aware of my fearful mind state and I battle against it using the word of God as my weapon. It might take me awhile to overcome my fears and take a first step into new territory but trust me honey, I will take that step!
I am determined to do things differently and to stop procrastinating. 
What about you? When will you take a leap of faith into doing what you know you've got the talent for? 
I heard a statement once and the person said "the richest place on earth is the graveyard. You know why? Because most of the greatest talented people are buried there." That business, that method, that solution will one day go down with you if you never allow it to come out! All because the first step looked so intimidating.

Taking a first step means:
- you will have to take a risk 
- you will experience failure (which will bring you closer to your vision)
- it will cost you some of your precious time

But it also means
- you will experience fulfilment 
- your gifts and talents will have a platform to be developed 
- it probably will be your financial base
- it will be beneficial to others/ the world 
- and when God asks you one day what you did with the talents He gave you, you will be able to answer the question without stumbling over your excuses. "God, I took what you gave me, invested in it, multiplied it and now I give it back to You. Be glorified"
BAM! Wouldn't that be a great answer. You can see yourself already huh? Well start now and take that first step into the vision!

You've got everything you need inside of you. God is not going to give you an extra arm or leg to pull off the job. You got you, start acknowledging that then work your way from there. Call someone you trust, someone you can share your ideas with so you can get honest and helpful advice. 
I am so glad I did before I started blogging. I shared my thoughts with my husband and closest friends. Can I let your in on a secret? I was very narrow-minded. I just wanted to take the easiest road until they came up with great and booming ideas. I said, "hold up, take it easy". But they introduced me to a much appealing way of blogging. Thank God for wise counsel otherwise I would have lowered my standards and stayed limited.

Overcome your fears, believe you've got what it takes, seek wise advisers, dare to expose yourself to new things (that won't harm you or make you compromise your beliefs), pray and then LEAP into your God given vision.

I will be here cheering for you when you do. Let's journey together as we move forward and not stand still. Take that first step!

‘Commit your works to the LORD, And your thoughts will be established.’
Proverbs‬ 16:3‬ NKJV

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