New Years Resolutions

Published on 31 December 2017 at 00:00

2018, what are your expectations? Do you even still have them?
Growing up everybody had expectations or New Years resolutions. What happend ya'll?
I bet many will say "life happened".
Some dreams did not come true, some plans were not realistic and sometimes we just get tired of being hopeful.

I understand that resolutions some how put a certain pressure on you and when you decide to live a stress free life pressure is something you don't want to have to deal with.
I remember having resolutions like: losing weight, visiting people more often, finding a job, finding a partner etcetera. I would put so much time in reflecting and planning making sure that my goals for the coming year will look good and sound great. At the end of the year I will search for the journal I wrote in to see which one of my resolutions came true only to find out that none of them were accomplished! Men! I would get so disappointed in myself, especially when I'd communicated it to others. Now I was not only dealing with my own disappointments but also the feeling of shame because others could witness my failures. Failure to me is one of the worst feelings ever. So to not feel like a complete loser I stopped writing down any resolution and decided to just go with the flow, calling it "surrendering to Gods will".
Have you ever took a walk not completely knowing where you're going but kind of had an idea and then eventually got lost? Having to ask people you met on your way for directions? Some people may not know the right way either and others will tell you what they think is the right way. Then after being lost for a while you recognize the area and you have a feeling of relief because you didn't end up somewhere in a ditch! Thank You Jesus!

After having a few years without expectations/ goals/ resolutions I decided that it didn't work for me. I need something to hold on to, to hold me accountable. So I planned my year (2017) by writing down my vision and making it plain enough so that I would be reminded of where I'm going. Disappointments will come anyhow and we need to learn how to go about them. Just think about it, does a year of no planning and zero expectations leave you free from disappointments? I don't think so.
At the end of 2017 I had my evaluation I realized I had accomplished about 80% of my goals. And the other 20%? Well some will go with me into 2018 and the others will be left as they are till it becomes a priority.

Writing down your goals is one thing but accomplishing them is another thing. You certainly need an amount of discipline to accomplish anything!

Tips on how to plan effectively:
1- Write it down: Write down your goals for the whole year. What are the main things you want done by the end of the year?
2- Monthly goals: before the beginning of every month, let's say every 27th, write in your agenda your monthly goals. This must be just one or two things that are realistic enough to accomplish in a month. Also, your monthly goals need to be in alignment with your main goals. For example; One of your main goal is to find a (new) job. Your goal for January could be to send at least 8 applications to different companies. If at the end of January you have not been called for a job interview then take that same goal into the next month.
3- Evaluate: at the end of the month, before you write down your goal for the coming month evaluate the former month. Did you stick to your plan? What were the obstacles and how can you overcome them the coming month? What did you do well?
4- Voice it out : Do not be afraid or too proud to ask for help. You can voice some of your goals, who knows maybe there is someone who can connect you. Now you do not have to do it like I did but I reached a point where I needed a job but there where no doors opening!! Those who know me will tell you I have no shame in my game. So I put it out on Facebook and before I knew it people were sending me inbox messages of companies that were hiring. I called one of them and the next day I had and interview and got hired! Two years later and I'm still there.
5- Follow through: Last but definitely not least follow through and be consistent. Come on, this is your life we're taking about. Just because it did not work out the first time doesn't mean it won't work out at all. Something's take time and if you value it, it´s worth the time right?

This may seem to be a lot of work, but trust me once you nail it, it will become beneficial to you. Let's be honest okey? A lot of mistakes we make are because we do not take time to think things through. This is a great way to force yourself to make time for you! You are important enough to make time for you. Go somewhere for coffee, bring the kids to a sitter or the daycare, whatever! Make time to think! You will be surprised how creative and great minded you truly are.

I hope you get inspired to come into action. If you could use more help in planning visit Mireille Cicilia at  and download her free 90 day planner. This planner includes everything you need to be well organized and to stay focused on you core goals.

I want to end with this proverb:
‘A man’s heart plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps.’
So folks, plan! And allow God to lead you along the way. But also know that if your plans are not in His will for your life He will reroute you to the right place.


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5 years ago

Great tips and ideas of how to plan my LIFE. I may be single but im so busy. Dont know where the time goes. Prioritizing is what i have to learn.

5 years ago

Wow great tips. I will give it a go and follow through!! Thank you.