The Comfort Zone

Published on 22 December 2017 at 00:00

The comfort zone is such a nice place to be in. It's like a vacation and you get to decide how long it takes. It's a place of ease and comfort. Our bodies and minds just love being in that zone all day everyday.

There is but one person that hates the comfort zone and that's the Holy Spirit. I guess it's because He is too big to be limited to a zone. He doesn't fit that zone so for Him it's not as comfortable. God wants to do what He is does best: GREAT things. If the Spirit lives inside of you, you will experience a discomfort in your comfort zone. You either ignore it of give ear to it. I have stayed in my comfort zone far too long and I decided this year to break that relationship that was keeping me low and did not allow me to date my potential. But that's not strange right, you can not have a relationship with one and date another (Oke, some can, but not me!). Even the Bible lets us know that you can not serve two masters (Mathew 6:24). So comfort zone or potential, one had to go. Goodbye comfort zone and hey hello potential!

To you comfort zone: you kept me on the floor, you were my feeder and you kept on feeding my insecurities. You told me I couldn't become what God showed me and what others confirmed to me. You lied to me! You made me feel so comfortable with my limitations and told me to let go of my visions. I guess you were not that alert cause you missed it when the Holy Spirit came to save me by introducing me to my potential. Yes, my potential! This new relationship gets me excited and gives me new perspectives I never had while in relationship with comfort zone. I dare to do more because now I am challenged as he shows me pictures of the future. Thank You precious Holy Spirit for loving me to the fullest that you would introduce me to potential. I heard about him for many years but I guess now is the time to date!

Let the journey continue.

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