About Samira 


Hi friends,

My name is Samira. I'm a proud follower of Christ so that makes me a Christian (hey). I'm also the wife of my awesome husband Xavier , a mother of three beautiful kids, a daughter, sister, friend, colleague, leader, you name it. But the most beautiful part of having all these titles is the fact that I am the same person no matter the position. I love God and I love people. Therefore I aim to inspire no matter where I go. Not to feel good about myself but to make others feel great about themselves!

I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, ice cream, movies,  my onesie, laughing, laughing, laughing, did i mention laughing!!!!  Yes, I'm the type of girl who laughs at her own jokes. And even though I love being around people, I also set up moments to just be alone and hear my own thoughts. 

Why I started bloggin'? Glad you asked! 

I have had a diary ever since I can remember and sometimes I feel like I’m the only “grown up” who still has one. But hey, who cares! My diary, in some sense saved my heart! Some people explode but I implode, meaning I burst inwardly. That may sound positive to my surroundings but to me it’s one of the most difficult struggles I face in life. After figuring this out at a young age I found a way to cope which still works for me,  my diary.

Now what does my diary have to do with starting a blog?

I love writing and I challenged myself to take it a step further by blogging! We all go through phases in our lives and I´ve found it helpful to have someone to talk to while being my normal self. With my blog, I hope to create a platform where you can relate or be inspired by my transparency. I would love to hear and be inspired by you as well. So please do not be reluctant,  lets connect!